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Save time

Enjoy the fastest service at just few clicks which leads to less time to cater customer and more focus on your business.

Grow your business

Get almost all of the day to day online services done in few clicks and enjoy the freedom.

Get things done

Grow your business and with good margins and less transaction failures.

Website Designing

It is a widely accepted fact that website designing is the need of the hour. We can help you with web designing and development.

Website Development

At softcareinfotac, they serve their clients with usability, accessibility as well as brand appreciation.

Mobile API

AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) is the Aadhaar base payment system using AEPS you can send and receive payment from any where .


This is a specific list of regulations and policies which are often comprehended and interpreted by software that conducts two-way communications.

SSL Certificates

Customers who feel secure online are more likely to complete a purchase, personalize their profile, and return to your site.

Driving License

Softcare Infotech Provides you Driving Licence Api at the cheapest cost. Now you can apply for driving licence online.



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  • Investment Rs.1000
  • Earn commission on all private banking and goverment services
  • Earn Rs.100 from your reference if Retailer join with apnaseva kendra
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Super Distributor

  • Investment Rs.10000
  • Unlimited Retailer & Distributor create for lifetime in all india
  • Earn commission Rs.400 per on Retailer creation and per Distributor  Rs.2000
  • Earn commission by Retailer every trxn. and services
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