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Mini ATM

Mini ATM

Micro ATM is a small device use for the common bank transactions like cash withdrawal and balance inquiry and at your shop for cash less transactions. This machine is very easy to use and it is secure. Micro ATM Service that performs like ATMs machine where you can do all types of transactions of your customers. Apna Seva Kendra forefront of financial inclusion in India. By digitizing cash and takung initiative towards cash less India, we are transforming lives. We providing next generation services to our consumers in rural and urban ares.s in India, Apna Seva kendra offering a compelling business opportunity for entrepreneurs across all segments.

Apna Seva Kendra is taken a step forward in the field of Financial Inclusion through a partnership with many banks. Apna Seva Kendra deals with all kind of bank transaction and our franchise need not go any where. If you want to take micro atm service give a small sum of money for this service and you are ready to withdrawal your customer's money with their atm card.

There are many areas in India where bank availability is still low and ATMs are also not available. People have to go far off places to withdrawal money and deposit money and can do all type of cash less transaction. A lot of money spends on transportation charges and consumes the time for withdrawal and deposit money. Now you can resolve such problems as Apna Seva Kendra is here for providing Mini ATM Service that proforms like ATMs machine where you can do all types of transactions of your customers and make a profit to earn commission on each and every transaction

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